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    Since 1997, North Alabama ENT Associates has been providing comprehensive Ear, Nose and Throat Care to the residents of the Huntsville, Alabama area as well as the entire Tennessee River Valley.
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Did you know that to sell hearing aids in Alabama, the only requirements are a high school diploma, some on the job training, and a passing grade on an entry level state test? Wouldn't you rather trust your hearing to an audiologist, who has had years of training in diagnosing and treating hearing loss, than a salesperson?

Visit our Physician's Hearing Center site to learn more about hearing aids and to find out what our staff of medically-trained audiologists can do to help you.

Allergy Center at North Alabama ENT


The Allergy Center at North Alabama ENT Associates is dedicated to providing relief to our patients who suffer from aggravating and often debilitating allergies.

The Tennessee Valley is a hot-bed for hay fever, and if you're one of the thousands of sufferers who find themselves struggling when the seasons change, North Alabama ENT would like the opportunity to help you improve the quality of your life.

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Ear, Nose & Throat Problems

Esteem Hearing Implant


Hearing loss doesn't just affect your hearing - it affects your life. It is important that you make a well informed decision when deciding what to do about your hearing loss.

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